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Baba in Hawaii – 1980

Hundreds of years ago, Dakshinamurti was visited by the Immortal Babaji. Babaji initiated him into Jnana Yoga. He quickly realized the Truth and entered into deep samadhi while sitting under a banyan tree in south India, facing south. After some weeks, the word spread among people that a beautiful young saint was seated in samadhi under a tree. The renowned pundits and scholars of the day came to him, asking their questions.

Every answer Dakshina gave led to two more questions. After a year of this, Dakshinamurti decided to teach through silence. He would simply gaze into the eyes of those gathered around him and convey Truth in this way. He never again spoke. He never needed to ask for anything. Everything he needed was simply brought to him by God’s grace.

In this way Baba has lived by Dakshina since he first arrived to India on 7-7-2000. In America, he lives in the same way. He lives on donation & teaches in a similar fashion to Dakshinamurti.

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