Each of us has such a unique destiny!

But, what is it that we have in common?
We are here on earth during a great transition period.
A time of rapid change & evolution.
So much is happening so fast.
It’s very important to tune out all the noise

and tune into Inner Peace & Inner Guidance!

The Best Way I have found is through the Heart Center

located in the chest region.
There are many sensitive heart strings

there which the Christ plays upon.

When your time has come to return to the Kingdom of God,

often times, A Great Pain will begin to surface in the heart region.
This pain is the Christ calling you Home.
Stop and listen. Become Still!
Sit & dive deep within to the source of the pain!
This is the Path Home!

When you start getting close to the Kingdom,
your resolve shall be tested!
If you stay committed you shall be rewarded!

When you know God you know everything that is worth knowing!
There is nothing in the universe more valuable than knowing
The Creator, Sustainer & Dissolver of all the Worlds!

In our pride we intellectualize & create concepts!
But this is not True Knowing!

Only a Peace that passeth all understanding can wash you clean!
And prepare you for The Truth!